Give Your Lashes A Boost

Give Your Lashes A Boost

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Have you noticed that children have long beautiful eyelashes?  As we age, our lashes begin to thin out regardless if you are a male or female. If your lashes don’t seem as long or as full as they were in, say, your twenties or early thirties, you aren’t imagining it.

Over a lifetime, lashes undergo serious changes of their own. The lash hair’s natural cycle shortens, meaning we start shedding eyelashes more often than we’d like. Eventually, the fabulous fringe that once framed our eyes becomes thinner and more brittle.

I used to have beautiful long thick eyelashes, but once I hit my 40’s they started thinning out. I’ve tried fiber mascaras, lash primers, lengthening mascaras, and volumizing mascaras.

I tried Latisse but my eyes would get watery and the eyelids got red and puffy. Then I decided to give lash extensions a try, the process was daunting and pricey, but they made my eyes look fabulous. A full set for both eyes’ upper lashes takes about an hour and $100.  Extensions last about a month; they simply fall out when your natural lashes do. Oils from makeup will shorten the life of the glue bond, as will rubbing, which pulled off my natural lashes.

My results after 8 weeks on Lash Boost

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost

What if we gave our eyelashes the same care and attention as our skin? The reality is that you can get lush, longer-looking lashes by adding a simple step to your nightly skincare routine: R+F Lash Boost, the eyelash conditioning serum that moisturizes, nourishes and protects.

Several key ingredients hard at work while you get your beauty sleep:

Panthenol conditions lashes by attracting and maintaining essential moisture. This goes a long way toward promoting lash flexibility and resilience.

Peptides also play a prominent role in Lash Boost. A combination of Octapeptides, Copper Tripeptides and Polypeptides enhance durability, protect against breakage and support more voluminous-looking eyelashes.

Last, but definitely not least, are Biotin and Keratin, two powerful protein-enhancers used in hair care. Together, these nourishing agents help protect against future damage (like the pulling and tugging that can result from our daily beauty routines).

This Multi-Med Therapy ingredient approach is at the heart of our R+F Lash Boost formula. After four weeks of nightly use, you can experience darker-looking, fuller-looking lashes. In eight weeks, you’ll be in love with your lashes.

Give Your Last A Boost With Rodan + Fields

Rodan + Fields Enhancements Lash Boost is used at bedtime. After cleaning your face and drying it, you put a very thin layer of it along your top lash line. Seriously, less is more when it comes to this stuff. I wipe the brush in the tube to get off as much as possible, then put on my lashes, then run the brush along my brows which have thinned as well with age. Wait 90 seconds, then you can apply your eye cream. At this time I use my Micro-Exfoliating Roller and then apply the REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum.

Lash Boost is the REAL DEAL, y’all, and totally worth the money – especially when you compare the cost to the upkeep of lash extensions. The best way to purchase Lash Boost is as a Preferred Customer $135 or Consultant $112 contact me to learn more.

You too can have Longer, Fuller & Darker Looking Lashes that are 100% yours and 100% Guaranteed!

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