Houston We Have A Flood

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This week has been an absolute roller coaster of emotions: anticipation, sadness, happiness, fearfulness nervousness, and uncertainty. On Monday I wittiness an eclipse something that not even my grandparents got to see. A total  solar eclipse is truly the opportunity … Read More

College Bound

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I’ve dreaded his departure for 18 years and although I hoped it might not be as bad as I feared, it is worse. Everything—and I mean everything—that takes place in the weeks leading up to your child leaving home is tinged … Read More

Why Rodan And Fields

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Rodan and Fields was developed in 2002 by the Stanford trained dermatologists, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, R+F  follows the success of their first product line, Proactiv, which the Doctors have sold so that they can focus solely on Rodan + Fields. … Read More

Give Your Lashes A Boost

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Have you noticed that children have long beautiful eyelashes?  As we age, our lashes begin to thin out regardless if you are a male or female. If your lashes don’t seem as long or as full as they were in, say, … Read More

Graduation Day

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It’s graduation day! I am filled with mixed emotions. Tonight, my oldest child, will walk across the stage and get his high school diploma. On one hand, I am so proud that he is graduating. But the other part of me … Read More

The Eyes Have It

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William Shakespeare once wrote, “The eyes are the windows to your soul.” Your eyes are the windows to your age as well. In fact, studies have shown that when strangers are asked to judge how old a person is, the eye area … Read More

Divorced Valentine’s Day Guide

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Whether you have been divorced years or months you probably dread Valentine’s Day. It’s a reminder of the fact that you’re divorced and don’t have a special someone to spend the day with. Valentine’s Day is known as a day for … Read More

Open A New Door

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If you want change expand your mind. Old ways don’t open new doors. What if you were a part of something that shook the dust off of the old ways of thinking and in the process disrupted the way business … Read More

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