Start A Business With Your Tax Refund

Start A Business With Your Tax Refund

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Each year the IRS issues millions of dollars in tax refunds.  Many people will spend the money on items that they’ve been waiting to buy, like a wide screen television, smartphone, new auto or a vacation. What are you going to do with your tax return this year? Why not start a business with your tax refund!

Why not invest in your future and create another stream of income. Instead of taking your tax return for a trip or a shopping spree, think about investing in your own business! With Rodan + Fields you can earn a residual income plus perks like a free Lexus and paid vacations, just to name a few.

For 2016 the IRS reported that 70% of taxpayers received tax refunds with an average payment of $2,860. They are expecting similar numbers for refund payments in 2017.  By investing less than third of that, it’s possible to become a turn-key entrepreneur and grow your own business leveraging a global brand and all the resources of a billion dollar corporation.

And if you didn’t get a refund, just think what’s possible next year. Starting a home-based business can actually increase your take-home pay. Expenses that are directly related to running your business either full- or part-time are deductible, including home office, car, business vacations, phone, computer and internet.

It is possible to build a reliable additional income stream in the nooks and crannies of your schedule, around full-time jobs, kids, volunteer activities and the rest of your busy life. Working with the Doctors who created Proactiv — the first global brand to leave retail and go into direct selling — we’re creating businesses of our own that allow us to design lives with more time, money, purpose and possibilities.

What if you put your tax return to work? What if you made your money make you money? Most people don’t start a Rodan+Fields business because they are debt-free with extra time and money to invest. They see it for what it is…a solution to the problem. A means to create an additional stream of income, to better their financial situation on their terms and schedule.

And there’s never been a better time, with our global expansion into Australian this year already in Canada! Learn more about what a a business of your very own could do for you, and then reach out to me to get your questions answered.

 Is what you’re doing now getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?
Thinking outside the box and trying something different has paid off for so many people myself included.
I’m not a tax professional so please consult your tax advisor for specific tax benefits that can help your individual tax profile. And before deciding whether to participate in any direct marketing program, I urge you review the company’s Income Disclosure Statement.

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